Bloemen de Maas is located in Niftrik, a small village located in the east of the Netherlands. Our company was founded in 1982 by Gert Bloemen. Since then, numerous bespoke items for the maritime industry have been manufactured and our team has grown larger and our floor space expanded to 1700 m2.

Over the years, we have built up an extensive experience in producing thousands of square meters of teak deck, hundreds of meters of cap rail and many different bespoke furniture items. This allows us to produce the highest quality items for yacht builders, boatyards and major shipyards around the world.


Bloemen de Maas was founded on March 2, 1982 by Gert Bloemen in Heesch, The Netherlands. In 1994, the company moved to its current location in Niftrik. In the same year, Bloemen Timmerwerken b.v.  was merged with Maas Wijchen b.v. and formed the new company Bloemen de Maas b.v.

Bloemen Timmerwerken used to be a specialist in various types of carpentry. From 1994 onwards, the focus shifted to the maritime industry. Today, we are specialists in producing teak decks, cap rails, and bespoke furniture.

Good lines of communication and cooperation with the client on design details is crucial. Therefore, our designers work directly with our clients to fully benefit from a short line of communication.
By having extensive experience and expertise in the manufacturing of maritime related items, troubleshooting challenging production items is well within our solution-oriented knowledge base. In addition, good collaboration with the client is also of great importance.
As the manufacture of maritime items can be highly complex, not all items can be produced mechanically or computer aided. As a result, the craftsmanship and skills of our production team is of the highest importance to obtain the highest quality end product.
Upon receipt of an order, if necessary, a digital measurement will be conducted. As a next step, our design department will prepare the layout designs of all production items including; furniture, margin boards, king-planks, and decking. The layout design will be inspected and approved by the project manager and production manager, to make sure every detail is incorporated in the layout design.
Our design department currently uses Auto CAD and Rhino 3D design software. Once the production design is approved, our CNC machine will be programmed. Since 2015, a new 3D CNC machine produces the most exceptional designs within an accuracy of 0.1 mm.
Our design department keeps up to date to latest developments through internet sources and professional literature. New developments and techniques are integrated into the design process where necessary. In addition, our designers are well experienced in implementing new developments and techniques.